About Us

A seventy-year history of Neapolitan elegance

"Let me tell you a story that started when the young Fioretti had not become a father yet. In the city of Naples, destroyed by the recently finished war, people could not start rebuilding on nothing; they did it on their heritage made of climate, views and culture: the resources from which they had to start over again! New travellers who were looking for the rediscovered peace and the charm of these finally free places. It would be necessary to welcome and offer them hospitality.

The young Fioretti grasped it and introduced himself as a skilful soft furnisher to guesthouse's owners on the coast. He is creative, stylish and has innate abilities. First, they asked him to make curtains and table linens. Then, after the successful results, he completed the soft furnishings and the beds. Encouraged by the enthusiasm for rebuilding and the quality of the achieved results, the young soft furnisher became soon a leading figure for Sorrento hoteliers. His fame grew and spread first to Capri and then Ischia. His family increased in size, too, with little Luigi who grew up in the workshop that, instead, was becoming smaller and smaller.

It's time to look for a bigger place to work. Now, the young Fioretti is the son who prefers to move to a provincial town: by the time, a group of people worked together, skilfully led by the old soft furnisher. Luigi gave a major focus on the development of the company and got big customers: Fioretti Contract furnishes the best seafront hotels in Naples. And here comes the current generation: next to Luigi Fioretti, now we find his son, Gaetano, named after his father's father…"

"… and after that, our vision and values have remained unchanged: today as yesterday, in spite of our corporate growth, we have been focusing on values such as dexterity and superb craftsmanship with our trademark for perfection, from curtains to soft furnishings, from sofas to upholstered bed frames. The use of high quality fabrics and accessories that comply with the latest safety standards, and a strictly hand-crafted production, carried out with the highest level of attention to detail in our workshop only, are the key of our success".